Grow Into Life exists to help people all over the world discover how to enjoy life more. It was born out of a growing clarity that life is a series of growth moments that require us to accept mess and imperfection amidst the search for happiness and contentment in life. Our world is full of people living and coping in isolation, pressured to independently tolerate the pressures of life.

Whether our mess is found in our business, personal life, career, project, education or somewhere else… we can find support and grow towards greater happiness in our experience of life.

Grow into Life can help, especially if it links to wellbeing, English or businesses that help, create or educate.

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Grow into Life values the concept of togetherness, interdependence, moving towards leaning on each other for support and rediscovering how to communicate without fear of vulnerability. The risk of vulnerability closes many hearts and doors, and instead Grow Into Life is about having courage and building confidence with good intentions to support one another honestly in a non-judgemental way. Some of this we have to relearn, as society seems to be forgetting more and more how to be in community and to be kind.

The founder, Elizabeth Papalia, is a woman who has embraced learning to joyfully, or peacefully, accept mess and imperfection as part and parcel of living life in today’s world. Growth through the discomfort and rolling with the learning moments. Part of that has been about releasing this website, before it is fully finished and polished…

Elizabeth is drawn to bring people together in every part of her life, and is motivated by developing community spaces and groups. Sometimes fear of failure, doubt of success slows her down and the logistics around organising these spaces can get overwhelming. However, bit by bit she knows that she can grow into having the ability to take courage and keep moving forwards to the life that she is called to. This can be true for everyone. We can grow stronger, wiser, more courageous, more strategic, more loving, more creative etcetera our complete, finished identities take time to be ready.

Who knows when they might actually be ready.

When are we ever really ready? Take courage and dive in. Move forwards with hope. What’s the worst that can happen?

Elizabeth loves working with people and organisations to support them with wellbeing needs, English development, business strategy and creative expression.

Currently the focus values for Grow Into Life are: Community, Wisdom, Courage, Creativity and Kindness.

Perhaps like this:

  • Nurturing and creating community through courage, kindness and wisdom.
  • Courageously living life well: creatively moving forwards making decisions that are underpinned with wisdom and kindness, all the while surrounded by community.

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Grow Into Life is inclusive and welcoming, hoping to inspire, empower, train and support everyone interested in joining the journey of Growing Into Life to encounter their own transformation.

Using her skills of educating, coaching and creating, to offer you options and a blog, Elizabeth will be offering various ways to benefit from this space as the intention is to add additional resources, more choice and information.

Hanging out in Camogli, Italy

Elizabeth is married to Duncan, and they have a little boy called Gabriel and a newborn baby girl called Mathilda. We currently live in West London, however are motivated to move to France @ourbellacproject or Italy (check out our Airbnb) next – possible blog coming out on that!

Duncan, is an artist and you can explore his work on Instagram @bikes_drawn_by_duncan and he is currently open for commissions.