The Munchkin 360 cups are pretty useful when you have a baby who is weaning, or a toddler who is drinking. As a drinking choice for Gabriel, we have used them since he was around 8 months old and they have been a great choice for our family! Quite easy to wash too. Over the last year, I have bought two: one is the 7oz smaller version (and came with handles) and one is the 14oz larger version and is like a plastic adult sized cup for water; this didn’t come with handles. I quickly discovered that the diameter of both sizes is the same, so I basically swapped the handles for the small one over to the larger one which actually works much better, now that he is over one year.

Image credited to the Munchkin Store

I remember the first time I gave him the larger one, and as it didn’t have handles and it slipped right onto the floor. He wasn’t able to grip the cup firmly enough due to the weight of the water. However, if you click on the 14oz link, you will see that they are now also sold with a silicone grippy band, that definitely would improve the toddler’s chances of successfully holding the cup. Great development. Perhaps I’ll get another one too! By the way, both of the ones I bought for Gabriel are purple. This is because I like purple and he didn’t have any strong opinions when I bought them. Yay for me.

Image credited to the Munchkin Store

Toddlers throw things. For all sorts of reasons they like to throw objects around and in our house it is usually: cups, balls, cars, wooden blocks, stickle bricks, toggle pins, puzzle pieces and sometimes books. Of course, I’m happy that Gabriel has really developed his overarm throw skills and definitely has built his mini-man-muscles. Knowing that the Munchkin 360 cup can be screwed on effectively and that the water leakage – even when being tossed across the floor – is minimal, puts my mind at ease.

Slippy wet patches are the worst when you can’t see them, but they are there and are a hazard. Speaking of that, Gabriel has also learned how to wipe up wet patches – toss him a paper towel or a cloth and he will merrily get to work drying the floor. Yup, we are lucky parents.

Ah yes! Another thing! Backwash is nil…because of the silicone lip. So at the end of the day, if I am thirsty I feel happy to drink from it – you know when the kid’s bits are left in the lounge or kitchen after bedtime. If I’m feeling lazy, sometimes I lift the lip-seal and pour the water into my own glass, or unscrew and remove the top and drink from his cup. One negative here is that there is a slight plasticy flavour to the water – not the nicest flavour when you’re usually used to glass, ceramic or metal drinking containers. However it isn’t too strong for me, or repulsive at all. Now I’m writing this blog, I’ve discovered a metal option too!

Image credited to the Munchkin Store

Another revelation that I have had, is that they could be an amazing hydration option for adults who struggle with gross motor skills or are weak and bed-bound. This was a thought I had when reflecting on my own experiences of being tired and wanting a drink when I was in hospital after having Gabriel. Who wants to spill water on their face? Open cups are hard work, bottles can be heavy, straws are annoying to wash and swing around unless they are piped through a hole that manages their location. Sometimes when Duncan is poorly, I’ve thought that he would probably benefit from the option of using a Munchkin 360 – pretty sure he wouldn’t agree except maybe if it was the metal version?!

Adult Version – but where are the useful handles? Image credited to the Munchkin Store

There are lots of people out there who could really have a different experience of drinking in bed if they used this model of drink cup, and I don’t see why it should be restricted for use by solely babies and toddlers.

There is even a fruit infuser Munchkin 360 option! Wow! That is on my list now too… what a great way to healthily explore different flavours – I’d been thinking about how to do that in a way that was in line with my priorities for Gabriel’s food and drink journey. There are four colour options: red, green, yellow and orange.

Here is a little fun poem I just wrote, about Munchkin 360 cups:

I thank you, Munchkin 360,

You are like a smooth, round pixie,

You are reliable and useful,

You are able to make me feel more peaceful.

I appreciate you, Munchkin 360,

The way you help the thirsty,

The way you serve my child,

The way you’re stable when he’s wild.

I enjoy you, Munchkin 360,

It’s good to know you are hardy,

It’s good you are both little and large,

It’s good you release minimal discharge.

Note: I am registered as an Amazon Affiliate, so if you buy a cup through the link that I have included in this blog I will get a little monetary reward for recommending the product. Why not eh?

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